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CE5 Internal Atomizer Wicks / eGo Replacement Coil

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CE5 Atomizer

Joyetech CE5 eGo Replacement Coil are replacement coil head.

The CE5 atomizer comes with the long wicks for replacing the internals of the CE5 Cartomizer.

CE5 is a magnificent companion to the CE range of clearomisers. It fits the EGO and many other 510 or ego threaded batteries and offers the consumer with a clean and sharp vape.

The CE5 clearomiser range showcases an exchangeable internal coil that may be quickly replaced lengthening the life of a each clearomiser tank, which saves the user money over the prior CE range.
The clearomiser consists of a clear plastic shell or tank enabling you to see how much e-liquid is left in the tank and also comes with a screw in mouthpiece that seals around the atomiser stopping any leakages.

To open and replace the internal atomizer coil:
When replacing a coil, first remove mouthpiece and empty any leftover e-liquid.
Hold the polish smooth part on the metal collar between the finger and thumb of one hand and the textured, roughened collar in the same way in the other hand.
Don't unscrew by only holding the plastic tank, once the CE5 is open unscrew the internal atomizer coil

Once the internal wick has been replaced, tighten only to finger tight. Over securing will dislodge or squeeze the small internal washers and this will cause leaks and damage the washers.
Now fill with your favorite e-liquid and allow the wick to become soaked.

When removing from the battery hold the rough textured collar only, not the plastic tank.

Filling up the CE5 with e-juice:
Position the CE5 cart at a 45 degree angle, gradually fill with e-juice. Never fill to greater than 90% of capacity.