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MT3 EVOD Clearomizer Tank

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MT3 EVOD Clearomizer Tank:

This is the latest version of the MT3. The reason for the upgrade was to reduce costs and waste by making the atomizer reusable and now the only piece that requires replacing is the coil head.

Filling up the cartomizer is easy. Invert the cartomizer and remove the coil/atomizer base assembly. Tip the cartomizer on its side and fill your e-liquid into the cartomizer between the body and the center pin and fill. Reinsert and screw the atomizer base tight once again and set up the cartomizer back on your battery and vape away.


What is the MT3?

The  MT3 is simply a bottom feeding coil/atomizer or clearomizer it has a no leak system and is easy to maintain and fill. The atomizer base of the MT3 has a polished chrome finish and rubbery paint on the body of the tank. This cartomizer is a lot more popular as the original T3 since many people feel that its much more cosmetically pleasing. The MT3 hold about 1.6 ml of e-liquid and our version runs at 2.4 ohms but can take all the various other levels of resistance. As far as size specifications go, it's 84mm mm tall with the atomizer base attached and 14.5 mm thick. This does not alter in any way any of the various other attributes of the T3, you still fill it the same way ... By separating the base and body and tipping the body at a 45 degree angle and completing liquid. It likewise utilizes the eGo threads.

The vape is perfect with lots of people asserting that it hits tougher than the older T3. I would presume this is due to the extra care required to construct the chromed base and overall improvements in production as the MT3 workers and engineers discovered ways to enhance this version.

The MT3 produces a great hit and great flavour and most agree it the best clearomizer on the market, the MT3 it is cooled by the long center pipe of the body which is a major improvement over all other clearomizers. There is also less condensation build up and it rarely it reaches the tip.

The coil is immersed in e-liquid as its a bottom feed system.

The MT3 is compatible with all eGo batteries.

The MT3 is a terrific cartomizer and a welcome lineup of other great items at evape.

All-time low Coil design permits remarkable wicking and maximizes taste.

The metal tank sleeve on the MT3 is windowed to see the internal polycarbonate tank liquid level.

The mouthpiece like the MT3 is permanently connected.

The disposable coil screws into the bottom cap of the MT/T3S cartomizer. Simply unscrew the bottom cap and change with a new head without the should clear your staying liquid from the tank.

To fill the MT3, turn the cartomizer upside down, and eliminate the bottom thread assembly. Turn the MT/T3S at a slight angle, fill with 2.4 ml of your favourite e-liquid. Do not allow liquid to flow in to the centre air hole tube.

Change the bottom thread assembly, wait 2-3 minutes and it is now prepared to be made use of.