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Regal Series Smokey MT3 Blister Pack Ego Starter Kit

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This MT3 blister pack is a great unit that can be purchased for those wanting to try electronic cigarettes or an upgrade to an Ego e-cigarette or CE4 or CE5, but do not want to spend money on a large starter kit. The battery is a larger 900MAH and can be recharged. Each kit comes with the latest MT3 atomizer which is easy to fill with no leakage. There is also a USB charging cord that means you can use many times before purchasing larger kits if required. 

The MT3 blister pack is a great deal if you want to try a larger battery but are not sure if it will suit, even buying 2 blister packs over a normal starter kit still works out at good value. The only part that is missing is a wall charger that can be purchased separately if needed or any standard mobile phone or USB charger can be used. The MT3 atomizers have proven to be one of the most popular on the market as they are easy to fill, don’t leak, look great and also make it easy to see how much e-liquid you have left.

The lifespan will vary and like any atomiser or cartomiser, it all comes down to the type of e-juice used and if its thick or a dark blend as this can clog up the internal element and also clog up the coils/wicks that feed the e-liquid into the element. The advantage of the MT3 over the older CE4 is that the coil/wicks of the MT3 are replacable. The design of the MT3 gives any ego a stylish and complete appearance and they can put up with abuse as they are a simple one part design so less can go wrong. 


Each eVape MT3 Blister Pack Starter Kit Contains:

  • 1 x eVape 900 MAH Battery
  • 1 x MT3 Atomizer which holds 1.6ml e-juice
  • USB Charger


Please note the video below is for our older CE4. However it will give you idea of what your getting. Your just getting upgraded battery and upgraded MT3 Atomizer which are a lot better then older CE4 etc.