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Eleaf (iSmoka) iStick TC200W Box Mod Kit

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Eleaf iSmoka iStick TC200W Box Mod Kit

The Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD is one of the iStick series' most visually appealing devices. Unlike the others, the TC 200W has a rounded hexagonal frame that gives it a very attractive appearance. Its design is not only appealing to the eye, but it is also extremely pleasant to hold throughout the day. The OLED screen, the huge stainless steel tactile fire button, and the operating buttons are aesthetically arranged in a triangular shape on the front of the iStick TC 200W MOD. Having all of these components on one side of the device makes it a lot easier to work with. With a stainless steel 510 thread connector, the Eleaf iStick TC 200W MOD is compatible with the great majority of tanks on the market. The self-adjusting, spring-loaded centre pin is located in the centre of the connector. This ensures that your iStick TC 200W and the tank you want to use with it have a strong and secure connection.

Eleaf designed the iStick TC 200W with variable wattage capabilities to provide for a wide range of atomiser resistance options. You can effortlessly adjust the output wattage from 1W to a massive 200W by using the operation buttons. Depending on the mode in which the device is functioning, you can use your iStick TC 200W MOD with atomiser resistances ranging from 0.05 ohms to 3.5 ohms.

Temperature control, sensing, and limiting capabilities are included with the device's variable wattage feature. This remarkable device, when used with stainless steel, nickel, or titanium atomiser coil, allows you to control the temperature of the atomiser coil itself. As a result, the hits are notably richer and more flavorful, while the dry and scorched ones are eliminated. Eleaf has designed the Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD to be fueled by three 18650 batteries outside (sold separately). The tri-battery arrangement is excellent because it allows your device to run at high power for longer periods of time between charges. Furthermore, because the batteries are removable, you may bring fully charged extra batteries with you in case the ones in use die before you can recharge them. When the batteries run out, you can simply change them rather than having to buy a new device, as would be the case with an internal battery MOD.

It's critical to remember that all three batteries must be identical. That is, the batteries must be of the same brand and model. Failure to do so can result in potential dangers and is potentially harmful.

Eleaf's unique Flip-Open battery door design makes battery removal and replacement a breeze. Simply move the battery cover forwards and it will spring open, allowing you to access the battery housing. Simply close the door and put the latch back into place to lock it. This is a really basic and practical design that ensures the batteries are always securely in place.

Eleaf developed the Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD with firmware upgradability to ensure that your device is always up to date. When new firmware updates are available, simply connect your iStick to your computer and download the most recent version. This is an excellent choice because it helps you to stay current when new technologies become available.

The Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD is not only a stylish, powerful, and feature-packed device, but it also comes with a number of safety features. Dual-Short-Circuit Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, Over-Charging Protection, and Over-Discharging Protection are all included. It can also be turned off and on by rapidly pressing the fire button 5 times. This allows you to deactivate the gadget while carrying it, reducing the possibility of unintentional firing.

The Eleaf iStick TC 200W Box MOD is a welcome addition to the iStick family, with its unusual hexagonal design, enormous 200W of usable power, and a long list of sophisticated functions. This masterpiece's extraordinary adaptability is likely to please both novice and advanced vapers.