Pay Securely with POLi Pay

What exactly is Poli Pay?

 Poli pay is a service that allows you to make online payments from your bank account without having to wait a few days for the funds to clear. It works in the same way as a debit or credit card, but without the need for a card. POLi Pay is entirely secure and is owned by Australia Post. All of Australia & New Zealand main banks are accepted!



What are the benefits for me as a purchaser?


  • You will not be charged to utilise POLi as a customer.
  • All you need is a bank account on the internet.
  • There are no additional passwords to remember; simply select POLi at the checkout.
  • POLi is a safe and secure way to conduct online transactions. POLi never keeps any of your personal information on its servers.
  • You get quick shipping from the seller as they don’t have to wait for payment confirmation from their bank. Its instant.


Is there a charge for using POLi?

 No, using POLi is absolutely free.


Do I need to register in order to use POLi?

 No, there are no usernames or passwords required; simply log into your own bank account and POLi will handle the rest.


 What exactly are you waiting for?

 POLi is a great payment option if you don't have a credit/debit card or don't enjoy using your cards for online purchases. Test it out on your eVape purchase…remember it is backed by Australia Post!