Will they really ban cigarettes in Australia?

Will they really ban cigarettes in Australia?

Australia looks like it will lead the way with banning cigarettes and tobacco products; it will be very interesting times if the trial shows that e-cigarettes are less harmful and if they will become approved for use in AUS.

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Australia is gearing up to be the first country to ban smoking of conventional cigarettes permanently. This comes as welcome news to lobbyists and cancer activists and all those people who have tried to put a stop to smoking for a long time.

However, everything hinges on a trial which will be led by Carol Gartner and funded by the federal government of Australia. This trial will involve 1600 people and its aim is to find out whether or not e-cigarettes are a safer alternative that can replace conventional cigarettes completely. E-cigarettes contain a nicotine liquid which is turned to vapor, which the user then inhales.

”These types of products have the potential to be beneficial to public health if they are used to completely replace the traditional cigarette. It would be a shame not to explore how they could be used to maximize public health while trying to minimize potential unwanted effects such as making smoking appear glamorous.” Carol Gartner says.

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This could be a game changer for Australia but it could also see big tobacco take over the sale of e-cigs which would raise the price to more than double what they are at present. The idea of taxing e-cigarettes is a good one if the money is used for the health system and not as funds to compensate the tobacco industry for finally kicking them out of the market place.

The regulation will be the most interesting part once the government can see that e-cigs are 100% better for users than smoking but not having a lot of faith in the government to make smart choices as the liberal party take donations from big tobacco so i am sure the talk of banning tobacco is a long way off yet.