Why I love vaping

Why I love vaping

When i was a smoker I was a very aware about never ever, throwing cig butts on the ground (I'm not sure why cigarette smokers that normally would not litter believe that butts are OKAY to throw around). It's part of the collection of disgusting things that come along with the majority of cigarette smokers, and apart from the air pollution and stinkiness is the most offending part of cigarette smoking to me. I am actually delighted and pleased about e-cigarettes obtaining appeal.

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If e-cigs indicate an end to revolting ciggie butts tossed all over the pathways (which do not biodegrade, and wind up in our river systems when they travel into waterways and the beaches), and the piles of cigarette butts around doorways to buildings (ugh!), then I encourage the product over tobacco cigarettes, heartily.

Dare I state: smokeless cigarettes are environmentally friendly?

I not breathing in Tar and various other nasty combustion items, so it's rather most likely much better for his lungs;.

I can intake as much nicotine as i need or desire and simply put it away, so you do not need to smoke a whole cigarette simply due to the fact that its lit and does not wish to "squander" it.

I slowly decreased the quantity of nicotine in an extremely brief time.

When i go to bed at evening after having a puff on a e-cigarette, I no longer smell like smoke which is a good thing as the wife likes it like that.

Kissing a cigarette smoker resembles licking an ashtray, and I might continue about the advantages however that will do for today.