What exactly is a doubler? (RTVs and Doublers)

What exactly is a doubler? (RTVs and Doublers)

What exactly is a doublers vape?

Doublers are intended to facilitate the addition of nicotine to e-liquid. These bottles are half-filled, but the liquid inside is twice as potent (hence the name Doubler). These e-liquids are intended to be combined with additional ingredients before vaping.

What is an RTV?

RTVs are full bottles of e-liquid that are ready to vape. You can buy these as-is and load them into your device to use right away.

Because they are a full bottle, these eliquids are not intended to be nicotine-infused. If you do not intend to vape with nicotine, you will require an RTV.

What is the appeal of Doublers in Australia?

It is legal to buy nicotine-laced e-liquid in many other countries around the world. You can select the nicotine strength, such as 3mg or 6mg, or if you prefer to vape without nicotine, you can select 0mg. Because you can buy e-liquid with nicotine already added, doublers aren't required.

For those who select the RTV option, this is the same as purchasing a 0mg liquid.

Due to nicotine laws in Australia, you are unable to purchase e-liquid containing nicotine from an Australian vendor. However, many ex-smokers prefer to vape with nicotine.

The issue with adding unflavoured nicotine to a full bottle of e-liquid is that it dilutes the juice's flavour.

Doublers address this issue by allowing an unflavoured nicotine base to be added to the bottle without sacrificing flavour.

But how much nicotine per millilitre should I vape?

This is purely a matter of personal preference. Experimenting until you find your prefered nicotine level is the best way to determine how much you require. Different types of tanks will require varying amounts of nicotine.

Do I need less nicotine if I use a sub-Ohm tank?

Yes, in general.

A sub-Ohm tank uses high-powered coils to produce more vapour. If you use a sub-Ohm tank, you will want less nicotine in your E-Juice than if you use a standard tank with low powered coils to get the same ‘Nicotine Hit.'

Why is an RTV a better option?

RTV stands for ‘Ready To Vape’. These are also known as Singlers, to us it makes more sense in saying RTV. RTV is indeed a better option as it does not include nicotine in it and nicotine is an addictive substance, those who are converting to vaping from smoking then a doubler is the way to go for you.