The difference between different vape devices (Pods & Mods)

The difference between different vape devices (Pods & Mods)

As a newcomer to the vaping world, you've probably relied on basic vaping devices like e-cigarettes and vape pens to get your vaping fix. However, if you've spent time with some of your more experienced vaping buddies - or visited vape shops to immerse yourself in the vaping scene - you've most likely seen them using some beautiful advanced, device-style gadgets.

What is a mod?

A mod is a vaping term for a modified' vaping device. When devices first started moving away from traditional e-cigarettes and vape pens and became more customizable, they were dubbed vape mods due to their modification of original blueprints and templates for vaping device design. Now, mod is simply a manufacturing term that has stuck around and is used to describe all of the fancy and advanced vaporizers on the market.

What are the components of a mod?

One of the most impressive aspects of vape mods is that they do not require any electrical power to vaporise. This enables the battery to keep the coil at the desired temperature at all times, regardless of the resistance of the coils you've chosen. This produces a stronger flavour and, in general, more vapour!

However, before you can use mods to their full potential, you must first understand the science behind how they work.

What is a refillable pod system or pod mod? 

A pod mod is a small, versatile vaping device that can be used by anyone in seconds. A small vape device with a detachable unit is typical. A low-wattage battery is included with the device. Because the unit is made of clear plastic, you can see the juice level as you fill it. The case includes a mouthpiece and a loop.

How to use a pod system or a pod mod?

How would you put it to use? First and foremost, you ensure that it is fully charged. Then you take out the case and fill it with juice. Third, you remove the case and insert the mouthpiece into the device.

The majority of cases hold about 2ml of juice. After using the case a few times, you replace it with another one. It's very simple.

The deviation between a pod system and a mod vape?

Vape mods and pod mods are distinguished not only by their appearance but also by their functionality.

Pod mods, for example, are smaller, more portable, and easier to set up and vape than vape mods designed to produce massive clouds and flavour delivery. Furthermore, with a vape mod, vapers can achieve certain vaping styles that are not possible with a pod mod.

Furthermore, when compared to pods, vape mods are more customizable; vapers can easily adjust the device's wattage and temperature.

In contrast to vape mods, which have a firing button that must be pressed each time you want to take a puff, pods have auto-firing mods – auto-draw gadgets with basic settings.

Which is cheaper: mod vape or pod system?

Pod mods that can be refilled are typically less expensive. While closed pod mods that are not refillable and can be inexpensive depending on your daily use are available, refillable pod mods are the most cost-effective way to vape because you can refill your own pods with a high concentration of nicotine salts in the flavours you prefer. You'll spend less money on pre-filled pods and even less on mod vapes because you'll only need a bottle or two of your favourite e-liquid once a month.

Vape mods, on the other hand, require significantly more work in addition to tank refilling, such as changing the coil at least twice a month, which can be costly.

Which is a better option: mod vape or pod system?

Mod systems have far more technology than pod systems, allowing them to provide higher wattage, better firing power, more temperature control, and other benefits. This means that Mods have more pull, flavour, and larger vape clouds than Pods.

Which is more reliable: mod vape or pod system?

Vape pods are the thinner and smaller of the two devices (with pod mods being only slightly larger). This means that pod systems (including pod mods) are the more discreet device to carry in a small pocket or even in your hand. While vape mods are a little larger and bulkier to carry around. They would be better suited for use at home or in a bag. The tank is the reason for their increased size. This increased tank customization may result in larger vape mod sizes, but it also means more customization for your device.

Which is more durable?

If you buy a vape mod with removable batteries, you may have a device that lasts longer than if you buy a pod mod or vape mod with a permanent battery.

In conclusion, both of the vapes are good in their own way, it depends on the type and specs you are looking for. If you are looking for something small and easily concealable then you should definitely go for a pod mod or a pod system. Whereas if you are looking for something with more wattage and something with a really long lasting battery then probably a mod is the safest option for you.