How To Blow Smoke Rings

It is entirely okay to learn how to smoke rings and flex your smoke skills in front of your friends. Worried how you are going to pull it off smoothly? Don't worry; we have got your back. 

To avoid any inconvenience, follow all the rules religiously and give your friends a reason to be awestricken!

A Walkthrough for making casual smoke rings:-

  1. PARTIAL INHALE:  First of all, you grab your evape, inhale its smoke partially and don't let it reach your lungs. Practice this until you get it down without coughing, and make sure you inhale a good amount of smoke so that you can make significant and thick rings, but remember to take in some of the air as you will have the smoke in your mouth for at least 10 to 15 seconds in which you will make a good amount of rings. Keep the smoke in your mouth meanwhile.
  2. BACKWARDS/INWARDS MOVEMENT OF YOUR TONGUE: After you have partially inhaled a good amount of smoke, then move your tongue back/inwards so that it could make some space for the smoke, and it will also help to control the speed of rings by making a motion with your tongue which we will tell you in further steps, but remember do it quickly so that the smoke could not go to your throat or else it will be a lot harder for you make thick rings.
  3. THE 'O' SHAPE TECHNIQUE: At this point, you will have your mouth filled with smoke. After that, you will slowly open your mouth without inhaling air and don't let the smoke escape, so it's better if you face a little upwards so smoke cannot escape from your mouth so quickly. Then make O shape with your mouth but remember it shouldn't be too big or too small, or else the rings won't come out in good shape. This will take some time, but eventually, you guys will get there.
  4. TOUNGE PUSH METHOD:  After you have got down the o shape technique, you will make the motion we were telling you about in the above step. Here's the thing. You will quickly move your tongue upwards and sort of twist it as you blow the smoke with your mouth but remember, don't blow too much, or you wouldn't be able to make the perfect rings. This will give the rings the speed to travel a reasonable distance. You will have to repeat this process as you make your smoke rings.


  • The most important thing is that you will have to be patient because these things take some time, so go out there and flex these rings in front of your friends!!!!
  • Try practising in front of a mirror, with this way you can see your movement and correct yourself. I learned this way, but it doesn't work for you, don't worry, we have lots of tips.
  • If you have a problem with your smoke consistency, we recommend trying a good vape such as the eleaf vape. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.
    • If you are a cigarette guy, mark this date because you are soon going tobacco-free. We have some excellent options that produce  a thick smoke here: - Al Capone, Black And Mild, White Owl, etc
    • Remember, if there is any wind, you will have a challenging time making smoke rings, so we recommend doing it in a room with no open airway.


    If you are a beginner, you will have to practice the usual techniques to do some things differently. Try to make small rings first, like make more diminutive than usual o shape with your mouth, and don't try doing the movement with your tongue. Inhale smoke down to your throat and release the smoke slowly and in case if this doesn't work, try tapping your throat area above your adam's apple. This will replicate the motion you were unable to do with your tongue.