Celebrities Who Smoke

     Let it be vapes made in the US, Canada, UK, vape Australia-based, the hype about vaping is everywhere!!!! The old aged cigarettes were considered the ultimate fashion accessory. Now the times have changed, and many celebrities are switching to evapes and inspiring people to switch to healthier options like vapes. Currently, an estimated 4 million people are making the switch per year.

List of Celebrities who smoke:

  1. JHONNY DEPP:- We will kick things off with famous actor/producer/musician Jonny Depp. The modern-day superstar was spotted smoking a uwell Caliburn (a vape) back in 2010 while filming the renowned film "THE TOURIST", and his love for vaping continues.
  2. LEONARDO DICAPRIO:- The Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his all-time famous movie "Titanic", is also a vape lover. He was spotted with a vape back in 2009 at the SAG awards and after the Oscars and other awards banned it.
  3. KATY PERRY:- The super famous actress best known for her movies like "I Kissed A Girl" and "Firework" showed her love for vaping in 2013.
  4. PARIS HILTON:-  Paris Hilton is an American social media personality, singer, model, and actress who has been pictured many times were showing her love for vaping on her social media, and it continued in 2021.
  5. Katherine Heigl:-  Katherine Heigl, famous for her vast role of lzzy in Gray's anatomy, is an avid vaper. From today's list of celebrities, she has considerably appeared with her vape on sacial media a ton of times, one time, she daringly showed her vape love on live TV on David Letterman's chat show, and that's just her way of expressing love for vape.
  6. DELEVINGNE and MICHELLE  RODRIGUEZ:- Fast and Furious star actress Michelle Rodriguez and her friend actress  Delevingne have verified vape lovers. They were both seen in a basketball game in Madison Square Garden, smoking their vapes.
  7. JACK NICHOLSON:-  79 years old former actor, a producer best known for his movie China Town released in 1974, has proven to people that vaping is just for twenty-year-olds; he was spotted with his vape at his signings.
  8. NATE DIAZ: A world-renowned martial artist who is currently signed to UFC has proved that athletes like him can also be vape lovers. He was recently seen smoking his vape right after his fight with Connor McGregor in his after fight interview.
  9. SARAH SILVERMAN:- Sarah Silverman, American comedian, actress happily shows herself smoking her vape in public. She was first spotted with her vape pen on the red carpet of 2014 Emmy's.
  10. SAMUEL L. JACKSON:-  Famous American actor and producer has switched from drugs, alcohol to smoking vape. Now Samuel loves big clouds and is seen often vaping in public.
  11. COURTNEY LOVE:- Courtney Love, American singer, songwriter, the actress, also had a past with cigarettes, but now she has been clean and has started vaping. She also appeared in an advertisement for the brand NJOy in 2013.
  12. PEWDIEPIE:- Pewdiepie is a famous Youtuber with more than 100 million subscribers and a vape lover. He was first spotted with a box mod vape on his desk in a video of his in 2016.
  13. BRITNEY SPEARS:-  The princess of pop has also been a cigarette smoker, but now she has started living a healthier life and has switched to smoking vape.
  14. JIMMY WHITE:- Jimmy white, a world-renowned snooker player, has also started vaping. He was also seen vaping during his game breaks.
  15. DAVID DE GEA:- David de Gea famous premier league football player currently playing for Manchester United, has also started vaping. He was seen vaping in a local bar in Old Trafford back in 2017.
  16. ZACHARY DAVID ALEXDAR EFRON:- Zack Efron, a famous American actor, the singer best known for his film "17 Again" was also spotted with a big vape recently in the passenger seat of a car.
CALVIN CORDOZAR BROADUS JR. AKA SNOOP DOGG:- Snoop Dogg, a famous American rapper, songwriter, actor, businessman and media personality, has also made a big switch from drugs and tobacco intake to smoking vape.